One or two things about me… My name is Samia, I’m a patternmaker by trade.
I used to be a New Zealander a long time ago, but now I’m French. Life has it that I have spent more time here, at still a young age of forty+ (haha!), than in the land of the long white cloud. I live in Paris with my family, which is composed of a husband, a daughter, two cats and one dog. Due to an insane work pace and other personal reasons, I became a mum on the late. Age thirty seven more precisely. When Charlie turned three I realised just how un-bonded we were. I was out the door shortly after she woke up in the morning, and came home half an hour  before her bedtime (on the good days), usually exhausted and cranky from yet another shitty day at work. Of course during collection time I would only see her on the weekend, if that. I was living a mighty blooming motherhood!

As things started going sour at work -sales were down, atmosphere and working conditions were appalling, managers were all passing the buck…- it hit me, it was time to leave. Not leave and do the usual by heading to another brand with its own in-house psychoses, really LEAVE. And start bonding with my baby. It took a while for me to wrap my head around the whole concept, so many questions were spinning in my head. What would my life be without the stress of never-ending “fashion emergencies”?  Answering to hysterical, egotistical superiors? What hilarious stories would I now tell over dinner or when out with friends? Was I ever going to wear my work clothes again, which consisted mainly of high heels and designer outfits? What about make-up, would I ever wear that again? I’d taken a crack at freelancing a few years back and the least I can say is that dress code was not a priority. Finding me at 3pm working on a dress designed for Heidi Klum in my pyjamas and slippers, with my hair looking like nothing, and of course, un-showered, was pretty much the normality. That’s the great thing about having kids, you have to get up every morning to take them to school. And even if you’re not always showered (right ladies?), at least you’re dressed. Anyway. Eventually I did quit my job, now i just had to come up with a genius idea of how to make a living working from home and sticking to my line of work.

After a year of brainstorming over a concept, I decided to give sewing patterns a go. After all, it is what I love doing and what I’ve been lucky to get paid for for the past twenty years. Since I had a knitting business before that, it made perfect sense to offer both crafts, hence the Sewing and Knitting Lab.

So, welcome to the SK Lab, may this be the start of a beautiful adventure. I’m still in the embryonic stages of the project, and am both very excited and nervous about it. Right now it’s just me, so the amount of work is gigantic. But as soon as I get a legal status, hello intern!

This was written in February 2016