New Beginnings

So much has happened in the last few months, most importantly a massive life change with a move from smelly over-crowded yet beautiful and full of wonderful friends Paris, to the remote, incredibly beautiful, crazy wild, completely friendless small (tiny, minuscule?) town of Douarnenez in Brittany. No need to say the whole SK project has been put on hold. Plus the one room they had issues with because of humidity problems, out of ALL the rooms in this house, was my workshop. Meh.. So all my boxes have been squashed in my dear beloved’s workshop, bless him, until the issue has been seen to and dealt with, supposedly September, so my guess is October.

A little bit about our beautiful new home. Gotta warn you, this site may be temporarily dedicated to boring home and garden stuff in place of the expected knitting and sewing. Anything garden is my new obsession, specially the removing of stumps. So, it’s a renovation project, somehow I presumed doing up an old house would be easier than building something from scratch. WRONG! The workers did an amazing job, our house “will” one day look amazing, but right now it’s just a big fg mess. The one thing that came back to my mind the day we moved in was how much I hate dust. I always have, I used to ask friends staying over not to shake their clothes inside, I even wore a face mask when I was a cleaner at the Price Waterhouse building (RIP) in Christchurch back when I was a student. Needless to say, this house is very dusty. On the left, dust, on the right, dust, down below, up above, you name it, dust everywhere. I reckon half the weight of my jacket is dust. This I think is the reason why I dived head first into the gardening, where sure there’s dust, but at least you don’t freak out about where it’s going to land when you make a move. Bye bye for now Cos clothes, hello polar fleece track suits and gum boots.

But the big bad surprise were the inside walls. We are now the happy owners of a very large, very comfortable home, in which every single wall needs to be primed and sanded for levelling (equals dust), re-primed and re-sanded for a clean finish (equals more dust), and finally painted (I’m sure some more dust will get into the cracks then). And there are 49 in total! So far the mere thought has made me leave the house and go prune something down to the ground in the garden. Which explains how we went from a luscious wasteland to a big desert within ten days. This region of France reminds me so much of New Zealand weather-wise, you get all four seasons in one day. Plants love it, they thrive here. “Bretagne” is best known for its crêpes and cider. Also its inbreeding but hush.

More on the big new move in my next post. I will resume my Instagram account in case you fancy following our dusty adventure! No pictures for this post, I know, boring…