• What are the shipping times and costs?

    Once processed, delivery times are approximately the following:

    • France: from two to five days. Shipping is free
    • Europe: can take up to ten business days (2 weeks) Shipping costs: Anywhere between 2€ and 8€
    • World: between five and fifteen business days (3 weeks) Shipping costs: Anywhere between 2€ and 10€
  • How do your sizes work?

    Size is a vey tricky thing. After many years working in ateliers, I prefer a “ballpark” approach on things, as opposed to a strict one. No two women are the same. Take three ladies who all wear a size 36, I can confidently bet my bottom dollar on the fact none will have the exact same bust, waist, or hip measurement. Unless I’m really unlucky! Silhouette is the key. Once you know your own silhouette, you can adjust any pattern you want, it’s pure magic.
    So, use the charts below to know where you’re at.

  • How do your difficulty levels work?
  • What comes in a sewing pattern?

    Firstly and most importantly, the pattern. In several sizes (see each pattern individually for more details).
    Also included is a detailed, step-by-step explanation booklet. Although I should be clear here that we don’t cover ALL possibilities, such as all the different fabric widths, fabric types etc… As we all know, in sewing sky’s the limit, so it is impossible for us to cover all the different options. Not that we wouldn’t love to!
    So the booklet contains all the necessary information to sew the design version you see on the snapshot. If you choose another fabric, different notions etc (and a lot of you will, I know I would!), you’ll need to experiment as you go along.
    We are here to offer you all the support you need, and who knows, you might even teach us one thing or two!

  • Can I keep track of my order?

    Yes you can! Simply by logging into your account. This applies to sewing patterns only, knitting patterns are instant downloads.

  • What are my paying options?

    For logistical reasons, Paypal is the only option on our site. If however you are one of the non-conformists (I say this with a grin), don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we will gladly find another arrangement.

  • What if I change my mind about my order?

    In a nutshell, if you contact us before your order has left our head office, no worries, otherwise, sorry. This applies to sewing patterns only.

  • Can I exchange or return my order?

    We’re kind of wishing this won’t happen, but, if it does, contact us through the general enquiries and we will sort something out. You may want to read our Terms and Conditions clause about this here.

  • Why do you not sell digital sewing patterns?

    This one is both personal and… personal. About big pieces anyway. The hassle of having to sellotape all those pages together! The amount of paper you need, and ink, and cutting, and waist, and time.. Not to mention home printers are more often than none unreliable. Sure you have to wait for your printed pattern to arrive in the post, but I think it’s totally worth it. In my opinion the only advantage of digital patterns is the instantaneousness, all the rest is a pain. Also the price difference being so small, printed patterns win hands down!
    BUT, I do think digital tutorials, which involve no more than two strips of tape per piece, are okay. Which is why I don’t say no to selling those one day.

  • What if I can’t find the answer to my question here?

    Just email us with your unanswered question at and we will answer it.