First Sewing Pattern On The Starting Blocks


Where to start. First, I’m feeling way better, thank you to those who showed some concern. Second, the first sewing pattern is sitting at the printer’s as I write. The grading has been done, the personalised laying out on illustrator has been done (took forever..). And I’m picking up all twenty copies this week, yeah! Don’t want to overdo it at first, see how they sell. Right now I’m working on the cover and the instruction leaflet, and here is my new favourite toy:

I haven’t properly used it yet, but I know it will come in very handy when I start laying out all my little sketches. And believe me, there are plenty. All five of my Instagram followers* know the instruction booklet will be very detailed.

* I’m literally cracking up when I write this. It’s a bit of a nervous laugh I guess, I really hope to add a zero after that five** one day, two would be good, three and I’m having a big “all for free” day sale! Mark my words.
** Ahoy! I got a sixth follower since writing that! Someone’s going up in the world…

I’ve decided not to give any launch dates on the site anymore. I thought it would motivate me but instead it just stresses me out and gives me a bitter feeling of under-achievement. I realise I might be biting off way more than I can chew with the knitting and sewing combined, but it’s impossible for me to pick just one. Besides, I haven’t advertised for the SK Lab at all so far, I’m following my developer’s advice and letting it grow organically for now. So even though there are more and more visitors each week -thank you google analytics for the info- this business is nothing official/up and running yet. I’m going to take the time I need to do things right. Voilà.

Okay, so I know this is totally unrelated, but as I was viewing the slate video on you tube I came across the latest video of this crazy band I totally love. And I decided to share. They’re all quite hot too, so it’s rather pleasant to watch.



Philomene 24 February 2016

Super! Ça se concrétise! Je fais chauffer la machine à coudre.


    samia 24 February 2016

    Like I said, no more launch dates, but you’re family, so you get everything before everyone ;)
    Au fait, j’ai défait tout le haut du tricot rouge en cours, je vais tenter un nouveau truc!


Philomene 06 March 2016

Alors raglan or not raglan?


    samia 07 March 2016

    Not raglan. Je vais faire un petit post à ce sujet. Les choses ont bien avancé, le top est presque fini!