Okay so…


Two years since my last post, wow.

First I would like to apologise to the lovely ladies who have contacted me about different knitting patterns whom I still haven’t got back to. I will reply to you shortly I promise. It is so unlike me to blow people off, let alone potential buyers, but trust me when I say it has been a really really shitty, sucky two years.

After working so hard on getting the site looking like I wanted and self-training in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, what I thought would be a short break for the move from Paris to the country turned out to be the start of a big shitstorm and it’s all been downhill ever since.

It started with two close and dear family members battling cancer, one of them being my mother. They both pulled through, but boy, the finding out and then the not knowing part, that’s so intensely stressful. And you can’t show your fear, you have to stay strong and positive for your loved ones. Not to mention the sympathy pains!

At the same time moving into a house that required a gigantic amount of work in order to suit our tastes. I wasn’t prepared for so much work, it was a real blow, both to the soul and the wallet. I think I’ve made it quite clear I hate dust. I can’t for the life of me have a clear head in a clustered, dusty environment, exactly what I’ve lived in these past two years. There’s still more dust to be hated but on the whole we’ve come a long way.

Then a year ago my mother had a stroke. A bad one. After the cancer, really, universe?? I won’t go into too many details but let’s just say it triggered off a pretty bad case of dementia. So the past year has been punctuated with trips to New Zealand and back. Did I mention I hate flying? Talking to all sorts of doctors, signing lots of papers, having the EPOA activated, driving all over Auckland in a dingy car that belonged to my cousin twenty years ago trying to find the best suitable care home for her, meeting with tradesmen for the upkeep of the house trying my best to look like I had a clue what they were on about, meeting with the lawyer, the accountant etc etc.

When you become enduring power of attorney for someone, you get so swept up in the whirlwind of bureaucracy you don’t even have time to grieve. I am now my mother’s mother, her welfare and property are now my entire responsibility, and I have to make important, vital decisions from the other end of the world. Do you feel the pressure?

In the midst of all this you almost forget you have a family of your own. What, I have a husband, a seven year old child, a dog, an unfinished house, a life in France? Children are amazing though at reminding you THEY are the priority. Some will naturally make themselves tiny when they see their parents drowning in a pool of shit, pardon my french. Others will stand on your head in order to be noticed. Our little monkey likes to be noticed.

Parenting, man, I kind of knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park but I had no idea how emotionally and physically draining it would be. And nice at the same time, so odd.

Rant over.

On the knitting front, I’ve been doing a lot of it all this time, very basic stuff, scarves mainly. Right now I’m working on a scarf on which I’m going to test a little macramé technique for the fringes.

Anyway, I thought a little post would be nice to inform all the people who have been so kind to show an interest in my work on what’s going on. I’ve been fairly good at writing back to people over the months, but lately I’ve somewhat slacked off, please forgive me. I’m so sad I had to bring the SK Lab project to such an abrupt halt, but what can you do when life throws curveball after curveball at you?

I really hope to resume setting up my little business one day. Up until not so long ago I prided myself on being a serious and reliable worker. But it would seem, unfortunately, that having personal issues gets the better of me and turns me into an unreliable person. Not the best quality for the self-employed… So I’ll just wait for the shitstorm to blow over.