Some cool stretchy bind-off methods

Here’s a cool You tube selection of different stretchy bind-off methods. I must say I have a preference for the EZ one, who wouldn’t? But each one of these methods can be THE perfect solution for a particular project. Ah EZ, still unequalled.. The sample shown in this video is tiny, but it’s nice for […]

Grafting/Kitchener Stitch

I just finished re-writing my Bliss pattern, and I realise I never included step-by-step instructions for the underarm grafting, doh. Well, this is a beauty, it’s beautifully explained, the film quality is great, and the little music in the beginning makes it look like it’s going to be easy… Yeah right.

Changing yarns

This is a really cool method for changing yarn as you go along. I was a little nervous the first time I tested it, but now I only swear by it. At last, no more lumps, no more irregularities because of a few inches of yarn woven in here and there. This method rocks. I’m […]