What’s been going on

A lot. After letting my time manage itself organically these last few weeks, no more self-flagellation, things have been flowing quite smoothly. Every now and then I remember why I wanted an associate when I set up my first business years back, and then I instantly remember how uncomfortable it was to work with someone I hardly knew. Running things alone is pretty insane, but I need to hang in there and not beat myself up for being a normal human being with just 24 hours in one day to mix family life, starting a new business, and managing from a distance a big move with major renovation work. No self pity here, just a little sigh.

So. As things are getting done, it seems I’m doing everything backwards. Typical I should say. Nevertheless, things ARE getting done, yeah! I have made the wise decision not to start any new project until I’ve updated all the designs lined-up. So far I have done Capuccino, Bliss, NY Newsboy, Hotty and Mitsy (aka mittens). I still need to translate Hotty into french, but the hardest part is done. By updating I mean laying out each design in InDesign following a personalised template. But first I have to create all the necessary charts in the oh so amazing “KnittingChartEditor” software by stitchmastery. Then I need to tweak them in Illustrator prior to importing them to InDesign. Thank you thank you Lynda.com for existing, without you I would never have been able to embark on this amazing project.

I do the proof-reading as I go along, and quite frankly, that’s a tricky one for me. I can only think in 3D so much. That’s why I cast on a new Bliss a few days ago (this doesn’t count as a new project eh), cause even though the test knitter didn’t seem bothered by the neck shaping, I’ve had too many comments about it back in the days to not want to see for myself. Besides, I’ve always wanted to make a long-sleeved version of it.


Here’s my “to do” list before starting anything new:

There are a couple of other designs in progress. One was started last summer in Finland, hence the name “Paltamo”, and the other around the same time, a real beauty of a motif which I had to sort out all by myself since I never managed to find it on the net or in any knitting book. I’ll show it here when I’m done with my current task.

This doesn’t mean the business will wait till everything’s done before it’s up and running, no. When I have around six knitting designs and the first sewing pattern all good to go, things should start happening. The first sewing pattern is in fact good to go, I just need to lay out the instruction booklet, which will take a while. Not to mention the translation… And the testing, luckily I have two test-sewers already lined up, yeah!